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Christian Education

“The Lord has told you what goodness is.  This is what he wants from you: be fair to other people.  Love kindness and loyalty, and humbly obey your God.” — Micah 6:8

Continued growth in the knowledge and love of God is of prime importance to our congregation. Our curriculum for children and youth has as its focal point the simple goal of teaching that each of us is a beloved child of God. We believe that building trust as a bridge across time, seasons, and ages can help form our guiding spirit.  You can email with any questions, comments, or suggestions on the CE program.

This year's church school theme is Crossing the Waters with Jesus. The teachers will offer hands-on interactive sessions and age-appropriate faith-based activities. We will have discussions, short films, art projects, role playing, and many other activities. Grab your Bibles!

Professional nursery child care is available in the nursery for infants through preschool. Ask the Deacon or greeter at the door on Sunday morning for the location of the nursery or any other details of the day's schedule.

Beginning at Kindergarten, children through high school are invited to attend Church School on Sundays from September through June. Our dedicated, paid teaching staff work with children to strengthen their relationship with God while building a Biblical foundation that will remain with them as they become young adults. Activities in class will not only reinforce a student’s Bible knowledge but also give them an opportunity to practice the skills they learn. Most Sundays, children begin in the Worship service at 10 AM and then proceed with our blessing to attend Church School with their teachers. On Communion SundaysCommunion symbol, children begin in their classrooms (according to age) and then come up to the Sanctuary for Communion with their families. Please check the Calendar for Church School class schedules and special events.

NHCC offers many opportunities for youth to grow in faith, volunteer in their community and abroad, and further develop their knowledge of God. At NHCC we believe that mission and hands-on service work is an exercise in being a servant of God within our families, communities, schools, and in the church. In Jesus' teachings, our relationship with each other is inseparable from our relationship with God. For more information please email Wendy Donnell, Director, at

Confirmation is a program for youth who are ready to explore their faith and study more about the Bible, the Church, and Christian faith. During the confirmation program, confirmands will gain  a basic understanding of the Bible, sacraments, world religions, and practices of the United Church of Christ. The confirmands will be able to articulate their own faith development. Contact Rev. Ken Baily or the church office for more information and applicable dates.

Adult Education includes scripture, lessons on spirituality, contemporary social issues, and concerns within NHCC itself.  Adults usually meet in the Parlor after worship and fellowship time but not in the summer or on school vacation weekends.  See the Calendar for information.