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Easter Worship Service,
2012 April 8

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As in the past several years, NHCC sponsored a community Easter egg hunt prior to worship. Here Ken welcomes the community.  Look carefully and you can spot some "hidden" eggs.

503prepare.jpg (120192 bytes)

Some were eager to find as many as possible while others examined the eggs.

517hunt.jpg (137899 bytes)

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Some of the eggs were better hidden than others.

533hunt.JPG (270790 bytes)

A welcome innovation on this overcast, slightly raw day was hot coffee for the adults.

546coffee.jpg (116671 bytes)

The worship service included all the usual elements.  Here Ken welcomes the crowd.

573welcome.jpg (88947 bytes)

Back to topAnd here Tony reads one of the Scripture passages.

621read.JPG (186148 bytes)

There were Easter hymns.

584sing.JPG (98999 bytes)

As always at NHCC, Easter worship included Holy Communion.  Here Ken blesses the bread.

753bless.JPG (189160 bytes)

Here the fruit of the vine is served to the congregation. (We use grape juice so all may participate, and gluten-free bread is always available.)

828serve.JPG (109128 bytes)

Music is always an important part of Easter worship, as indeed of almost all our worship services.  The choir was accompanied by trumpets as well as our organ.

704choir.JPG (145431 bytes)

Back to topThe delightful trumpet soloists, Ross Hill and Christine Fawson, were back. They have played at the last few NHCC Easter servicese.

810brass.JPG (161373 bytes)

After worship, we had refreshments and conversation in the Parlor.  The cake went fast!

904cake.JPG (169262 bytes)

Some people were still checking out the contents of the eggs, but we can see this fellow hadn't neglected the cake.

919egg.JPG (148372 bytes)

There was time for conversation, but some people were still interested in the food..Back to top

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