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A public prayer offered in Boston in commemoration of the Great Irish Famine
Kenneth F. Baily
2012 May 5

On Saturday 2012 May 5, the President of Ireland, along with the Irish Ambassador to the United States, the Minister of Arts and Culture, and the Consul General led a commemoration of the Great Irish Famine in Boston. The event included a lecture, a wreath-laying, and a formal reception. The lecture took place at Faneuil Hall to begin the festivities of the day. Prayers were offered by a dignitary from the Irish Catholic Church, and Kenneth Baily was asked to represent the Protestant Church in New England, offering a blessing at the start of the day. The text of his prayer for this public occasion is here, and below is a picture of the occasion.
at Faneuil Hall

From left to right:  Jimmy Deenihan (Minister of Arts and Culture of Ireland), Michael D Higgins (President of Ireland), Michael Lonergan (background, Consul General), Ed Davies (Police Commissioner of Boston), (bust of Frederick Douglas), Ken Baily, (bust of John Adams).

Photo courtesy Shane O'Neill, Fennell Photography.