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Easter Worship Service,
2013 March 30

Easter Day dawned bright and sunny after a long spell of cold weather.  The day included the community Easter egg hunt, the usual worship service but with several innovations, and refreshments and fellowship in the parlor.  Pictures below give a sampling of the day's events.

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As in the past several years, NHCC sponsored a community Easter egg hunt prior to worship. Here one of our "Easter bunnies" hides eggs.

088_bunny.jpg (113632 bytes)

Back to topThe start time was 9:40, ten minutes later than in the past, but the crowd began to gather earlier.

118_crowd,jpg.jpg (125232 bytes)

Ken offered a prayer before the start of the egg hunt.

141_start.jpg (108162 bytes)

Coffee for the adults made its second appearance this year.  Yes, that's snow in the background.

156_coffee.jpg (187153 bytes)

One of the innovations was a children's choir, which sang "Whether You're One" by Graham Kendrick.

261_cchoir.jpg (202724 bytes)

Back to topAnother innovation was that after singing, the children went off on their own for a brief lesson and other activities.

281_lesson.jpg (204779 bytes)

The end of the lesson was filing past the "empty tomb."

291_tomb.jpg (129726 bytes)

Drawing, coloring, and games gave the children something to do and a break from the worship service.

315_draw.jpg (194232 bytes)

Back to topThe adult choir sang and were accompanied by our now-regular trumpeters Ross Hill and Christine Fawson. 

193_choir.jpg (164850 bytes)

Ken preached, and here you can see some of the Sanctuary decorations.

355_sermon.jpg (168846 bytes)

There were Easter hymns, starting with "Jesus Christ is Risen Today."

530_sing.jpg (213040 bytes)

Our Easter service always includes Communion.  Here Ken blesses the bread.

458_bread.jpg (154652 bytes)

Back to topAnother innovation was serving Communion by intinction rather than passing trays.

487_intinction.jpg (184921 bytes)

There were a total of four "stations" for Communion, staffed by both children and adults.  Here's a second one.

501_intinction2.jpg (183948 bytes)

Here Ken offers the Benediction at the end of worship.

540_bless.jpg (171485 bytes)

After worship, we enjoyed refreshments in the parlor.

561_cake.jpg (173878 bytes)

Back to topLots of people had fancy Easter clothing.

564_dress.jpg (137355 bytes)

There was conversation among all ages.

573_conversation.jpg (134299 bytes)

Another Easter dress.

584_dress.jpg (124277 bytes)

God's work is never done.  Before refreshments were over, the Mission Committee had installed a notice of the Eastertide "Mission 4/1 Earth: 50 Great Days" campaign for Earth care.

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