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Marsha Vleck celebration

On April 28, NHCC celebrated Marsha Vleck's 50 years of service to our music program.  Marsha has been a soloist, interim choir leader, and section leader and has given voice lessons to many people in our congregation.  The celebration included music and mention during worship and a party in the parlor after worship.

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Pictures courtesy of Nancy Carbonaro ( reduced in size for the web.

Marsha in a familiar position, ready for a solo.

solo_4428.jpg (125118 bytes)

The whole choir including a few friends celebrating the day with us.

choir_4482.jpg (91839 bytes)

Crowd in the parlor after worship.

crowd_4508.jpg (139866 bytes)

One of two very special cakes provided for the occasion.

cake_4509.jpg (129772 bytes)