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A Wedding at Cana

On April 29, the children led us in worship with a reenactment of the Wedding at Cana, Jesus' first miracle. You can find the Bible's description of the event in John 2:1–11.

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The story begins with a wedding in progress. In those days, a wedding meant several days of celebration, including feasting and drinking.  Among the guests were Jesus, Mary, and Jesus' disciples. 993wed.JPG (77582 bytes)
During the proceedings, the servants discovered that the wine had run out. 998no_wine.JPG (105400 bytes)
The bride and groom were dismayed. 999what.JPG (155531 bytes)
Mary asked Jesus to help out.  Though reluctant, he agreed. 010Mary.JPG (98091 bytes)
Jesus instructed the servants to fill containers with water, then draw some off. 017Servants.JPG (121893 bytes)
And it was wine! 027wine.JPG (126908 bytes)
Everyone enjoyed the rest of the celebration. 043happy.JPG (104440 bytes)
And our congregation enjoyed refreshments afterwards. 065feast.JPG (114669 bytes)