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Easter Worship Service,
2019 April 21

Easter Day included the community Easter egg hunt, the worship service, and refreshments and fellowship in the parlor.  Pictures below give a sampling of the day's events.

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Even the young people arrived in Easter clothes.

arriving.jpg (107498 bytes)

As in the past several years, NHCC sponsored a community Easter egg hunt prior to worship. Here are some youngsters ready to get started.

emptybaskets.jpg (146175 bytes)

One of the hunters surveys the landscape with a little help.

getting a lift.jpg (136529 bytes)

Back to topAnd they're off!

searching.jpg (157657 bytes)

As always, there was lots of enthusiasm.

searchison.jpg (137957 bytes)

Ken in the chancel with Easter decorations.

passingpeace.jpg (141522 bytes)

Easter at NHCC always includes Holy Communion.

commtable.jpg (125487 bytes)

The Sanctuary had its usual decorations.  Here's a view as Communion is served.Back to top

communion.jpg (139001 bytes)