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Rental Spaces

NHCC has two large spaces available for rent.  Spaces are handicap-accessible via a ramp from Lincoln St., and there is one accessible restroom on the main floor.  Additional restrooms are downstairs.  There is also a commercial kitchen downstairs with a dumbwaiter lift to the parlor.  Some chairs and tables can be included in the rental, but we don't own enough for the full capacity of the rooms.

Serving alcohol is allowed, but there are City of Newton legal requirements.  The church office has the necessary information, but it is the renter's responsibility to comply with all laws.  

Click here to request more information about rental spaces.

Click here for information about weddings and baptisms.

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The larger space available, known as the Great Hall, is ideal for large functions.  Maximum capacity is 300 people. phstage.jpg (91766 bytes)
It has a stage at one end and hardwood floors with plenty of room for dancing. phdance.jpg (187977 bytes)
Here's another view from the side of the stage.  The main hall is about 42 feet wide and 51 feet from back to stage lip. Sound-absorbing ceiling is 20 feet high. phside1.jpg (84536 bytes)
The stage is about 20 feet wide and 25 feet deep. There are small spaces in the stage wings that can be used for preparation, entry, and exit.  NHCC can put you in touch with this jazz band, or you can arrange for your own performers. phband.jpg (93349 bytes)
Here's a view from the stage.  The back doors open into the parlor.  (See below.)

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phback.jpg (57997 bytes)
The parlor is a smaller, more intimate space with capacity 60-80 people.  Here it is set up for a church dinner. par_dinner.jpg (102949 bytes)
And here it is empty.  Dimensions are 31 feet wide by 34 feet long with a 12-foot ceiling.  The furniture is easy to rearrange as desired.  The fireplace is decorative, not usable. par_empty.jpg (105922 bytes)
Here's the dinner in progress.  There is a small alcove in front that can be used for a speaker or other program leader or the head table at a dinner.


par_front.jpg (231701 bytes)
The parlor is also ideal for informal gatherings.  Here we are singing Christmas carols. par_sing.jpg (112726 bytes)

Here's an overall plan of the Parlor (on the left) and Great Hall (on the right).  Door can be opened to connect the two spaces.

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gh_parlor.png (147385 bytes)