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NHCC Tower

Here are some views from the NHCC tower taken 2003 October 12, a crisp fall day.  Access to the tower is difficult, although by no means as difficult as it used to be.  Nowadays we have industrial metal ladders and trap doors as opposed to the old, rickety wooden ladders.  There is also netting to exclude the pigeons, which used to nest in the bell room. 

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View along Lincoln Street, towards the Newton Highlands T stop (not visible).

tower31.jpg (101773 bytes)

The other direction on Lincoln Street, towards the Eliot T stop (also not visible).

tower69.jpg (115235 bytes)

A little to the left from the previous view, showing the church roof and the next door condominium building.

tower52.jpg (93086 bytes)

The view down Hartford Street with the Needham television towers in the background.

tower48.jpg (96257 bytes)

Close-up of houses on Hartford Street.

tower41.jpg (90243 bytes)

This picture shows the tower from which the previous pictures were taken.  This image was taken 2002 May 5.

tower04.jpg (99415 bytes)