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If you cannot easily climb steps, we have a ramp.  It begins on a separate sidewalk to the right of the main door.

Click on any picture for an enlargement, then use the back button on your browser to return to this page..

picture showing ramp entrance

The arrows show the entrance to the ramp and the door you will eventually enter.  The ramp is pretty obvious once you see the building in person.  Just be sure to proceed all the way to the top; the first door (the one on the right, marked with X on the picture) isn't used.  Follow the ramp around to the right...

 ...and then back to the left.

Ramp to door
Closeup of ramp door Pull the door handle, or ring the doorbell if you need assistance. (The doorbell is not easily visible in the picture, but the arrow shows where it is.) 

And someone will help you open the door

side_door5.jpg (96720 bytes)