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Marriage Blessings for All:
A Gift from God

Welcome to this page! Whoever you are, however you have found us, we are delighted that you are considering a wedding here at the Highlands Church. First off, congratulations. We are honored to explore joining with you to prepare for this joyous celebration and blessed day.

Yes, we do perform weddings for members and non-members alike. Yes, we do perform weddings for mixed gender and same gender couples.  This parish is a friendly and inclusive Christian community grounded in the ancient and historic promises of the United Church of Christ.  (You can read more about the history of marriage in a sermon from 2004 February 15.)  As an Open and Affirming parish, and with precedent in our practice, we are pleased to welcome every person to discern if this is the right place for your prayerful commitment.  We are a traditional place but not one locked in the past.

Wedding preparations here start with conversation and continue as we work with you to choose ways to celebrate God's blessings in your life.  You will have lots of input in the planning of the service.  While we have several requirements, they are simple and predictable: we perform a Christian worship ceremony, which means that scripture and prayers (of your own selection) are included. We don't approve any wedding until after an initial one hour meeting with a pastor. We ask you to make your fullest effort in the covenant of marriage, not "until things change" but with a promise "our whole life through."

Is there a center aisle here? Yes. Do we have a wonderful organ? Yes, and a great organist. Is our stained glass beautiful? We think so, all for God's glory.  (Click here for some pictures.  The web gallery is not yet complete, but this will give you some idea.)

What will it cost if I am not a member? Around $925 depending on your personal selections, but we always work with you and with your financial means, whoever you are.

How do I begin? Well, why not come to worship with us to get a flavor of the parish and its sanctuary? And please email or call the office to fill out a request and then meet with a pastor. (Click here for contact information.) Again, congratulations and best wishes, and we hope to talk with you soon.

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