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NHCC Worship Information

Each Sunday at 10 AM (but see below for summer worship), we gather to praise God through a blend of modern and traditional forms of worship. Coming from diverse faith traditions, we discover God's word in music, prayer, and preaching and relate it to the concerns of our lives and our world. It is a time of nurture and challenge, of sharing and contemplation. Services are enriched by our organ and choir music. Our main floor is wheelchair accessible, and hearing-assistance devices as well as large-print bulletins and hymnals are available.

Holy Communion is generally celebrated on the first Sunday of each month but with some variation for special days in the church calendar or practical reasons.  Scheduled communion Sundays are usually indicated with this symbol Bread and cupin the Calendar, but there can sometimes be mistakes or late changes.  Please check with the church office if you need to know for sure.  We use grape juice as our communion drink in order that all may participate. Gluten-free bread is always available. For some our senior pastor's thoughts about the meaning of Communion, click here.

Each summer, this parish reflects its deep commitment to the ministry of the laity by promoting lay members as worship leaders.  This tradition has for many years reflected the Protestant value of "a priesthood of all believers."  That is, we are all ministers to one another, and the Holy Spirit can give vision to any of us to preach, guide, and serve one another. And so we do. Summer services start at 9:30 AM, and summer hours are in effect from late June until Labor Day.  See the Calendar for exact dates of changeover.

Snow, Winter, and Worship: We've never canceled worship, but we sometimes encourage you not to come!  Although it seems an odd message for a church, once a year or so if there is a bad storm we encourage you not to come unless you can walk.  On these occasions, we'll have an announcement on our telephone recording at 617-527-3898. The reason that we don't cancel worship is twofold: to honor God and to admit that a number of us can walk.  So, if there is a big storm, check the recording.  If you have choir, education, or worship duties, check with your group.  As a church that follows Christ and Back to top preaches healing, we long to see you safe and well, and we believe -- sincerely -- that we will see you next week.

Our Mission Statement and church covenant and some additional information on our worship practices are available by clicking on the links.

Some recent sermons:

"Christmas Eve" Ken Baily, 2015 December 24

"Sacred Vessels" Ken Baily, 2013 November 3

"No System to Save" Ken Baily, 2013 October 27

"Entitled to be Thankful" Ken Baily, 2013 October 13

"Welcome Food" Ken Baily, 2013 October 6

"Waking Devotion" Ken Baily, 2013 March 10

"Sitting at the Welcome Table" Ken Baily, 2013 February 3

"Table Manners" Ken Baily, 2012 October 7

"Speaking of God" Ken Baily, 2012 June 10

"O Sing to the Lord a New Song" Ken Baily, 2012 May 13

"Prepare the Way" Ken Baily, 2011 December 4

Back to top "Here-ing God" Ken Baily, 2011 October 16

"The Possibility of Possibility" Ken Baily, 2011 September 18

"The Body of Christ" Ken Baily, 2011 April 24 (Easter Sunday)
(Audio file,
4.1 MB, 11m52s)

"Sweet Creations" Ken Baily, 2011 January 23

"Not at all Dead" Ken Baily, 2010 October 31  (All Saints Sunday)

"March for Life" Ken Baily, 2010 October 10

"Planning, Praising and Pondering Palms" Ken Baily, 2010 March 28 (Palm/Passion Sunday)

"Imagination, Dreams, and Vision" Ken Baily, 2010 January 10

"Following the Magi" Ken Baily, 2010 January 3

"Pushing Christmas" Ken Baily, 2009 December 24

"Forecasts" Ken Baily, 2009 December 20

"Ready for Christmas" Ken Baily, 2009 December 13

"God in the Middle" Ken Baily, 2009 December 6

"The Days to Come, the One to Come," Ken Baily, 2009 November 29

"Earthly Healing" Ken Baily, 2009 March 1

"Digesting Communion" Ken Baily, 2009 February 1

Back to top "The Change of Prayer" Ken Baily, 2009 January 25

"Unbreakable Body" Ken Baily, 2009 January 4

"Seeing Clearly" Gretchen Elmendorf, 2008 November 23

  "God's Streets, Not Wall Street" Gretchen Elmendorf, 2008 September 28

"Right for Present" Ken Baily, 2008 September 7

"In Memory of Hope" Ken Baily, 2008 May 4

"These Baptisms are Killing Us" Ken Baily, 2008 April 27

"Wanting Prayer" Ken Baily, 2008 February 24

"Last Minute Gifts" Ken Baily, 2007 December 24

"Peace Repent, Peace Remember" Ken Baily, 2007 September 16

"Praying Well = Praying Much" Ken Baily, 2007 September 23

"Choosing Church" Ken Baily, 2007 September 9

"A Model Church" Ken Baily, 2007 June 3

 "The Empire Struck Back" Ken Baily, 2007 April 1

"Love is Patient and Primary" Ken Baily, 2007 January 28

"Manifestations" Ken Baily, 2007 January 7

"The Green Grace of God" Ken Baily, 2006 October 8

Back to top "Signs of Sacred Things" Ken Baily, 2006 October 1

"A Deal with the Future" Ken Baily, 2006 September 10

"With God in Death; with Each Other in Dying " Ken Baily, 2006 March 26

"Facing God's Miracle" Ken Baily, 2006 February 26

"Finding All Three" Ken Baily, 2006 January 8

"God as a Baby" Ken Baily, 2005 December 18

"What Does It Mean" Ken Baily, 2005 December 11

"Controlling Christmas" Ken Baily, 2005 December 24 (second worship service)

"Finding Jesus" Ken Baily, 2005 December 24 (early worship service)

"Katrina's New Covenant Call" Ken Baily, 2005 September 12

"Elevate Your Expectations" Ken Baily, 2005 March 27

"See: the Healing" Ken Baily, 2005 March 6

"Lifeless Chaos and Living Creation" Ken Baily, 2005 January 9

"Rapt Gifts" Ken Baily, 2004 December 24

"Welcome to Reality" Ken Baily, 2004 December 5

"Blue State Blues" Ken Baily, 2004 November 14

"Are we not entitled to thanks?" Ken Baily, 2004 October 10

"Ancient Pieces of Peace" Ken Baily, 2004 October 3

Back to top"Noticing Neighbors" Ken Baily, 2004 September 26

"Easter" Ken Baily, 2004 April 11

"Sin: Currently Tense" Ken Baily, 2004 March 28

"Why are You Angry?" Ken Baily, 2004 March 14

"Anxiety over Sin" Ken Baily, 2004 February 29

"Isn't Marriage Gay?" Ken Baily, 2004 February 22

"A Marriage Grade in Heaven?" Ken Baily, 2004 February 15

"Miracles: Seeing More in our Midst" Ken Baily, 2004 January 4

"Why Are You in Church?" Ken Baily, 2003 November 9

"Remember your Baptism," Ken Baily, 2003 October 12

"Every Day Spirituality," Ken Baily, 2003 September 21

"The Cross and Joy of Love," Ken Baily, 2003 September 14

"Welcome Back," Ken Baily, 2003 September 7

"Living Together," Ken Baily, 2003 March 23

"Transforming Destruction," Ken Baily, 2003 March 2

"The Work of Healing," Ken Baily, 2003 February 16

Back to top "Peace," Ken Baily, 2002 December 8