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More Worship Information

Revised Common Lectionary

NHCC usually, though not always, chooses Scripture readings at worship according to the "Revised Common Lectionary."  This is a three-year cycle of readings that a group of scholars have considered the most important.  It is widely used among Protestant churches and is quite similar to the readings used in Catholic and Episcopal churches.

For more information on the creation of the lectionary, see .  For a calendar of each week's readings, see .  (These are both links outside NHCC; please notify the webmaster if either one stops working.)

Liturgical Colors

Christian churches since the fourth century have used colors to denote the seasons of the church year, and NHCC follows the customs of most UCC churches.  Altar cloths, pulpit decorations (known as "paraments"), and the pastor's stole follow the colors of the season.  Green denotes "ordinary time" and also stands for life and growth.  Violet is the color of royalty and therefore a symbol of Christ's sovereignty. It is also the symbol of expectation and therefore is used during Advent and Lent.  White (or gold) symbolizes joy and triumph and is used on major feast days. (White is used in the sanctuary, but this web site uses gold because white would be hard to read.)  Red is the color of blood thus the color of martyrs and of Christ's death on the cross. Red also symbolizes fire and is therefore the color of the Holy Spirit, used on Pentecost. Days of mourning and penitence -- Good Friday and Holy Saturday -- have no color.