7 households…with turkeys

Pine nuts and maple syrup, russet potatoes and about seven turkeys, gift cards and candles.

On a rainy day in mid-November, Reverend Ken Baily and several volunteers arranged freshly made food on a card table inside the back door of the church, and served a variety of families. These Thanksgiving meals were provided by a group of volunteer chefs and supported by the NHCC deacons.  The food was fragrant and abundant, and some families got two pies!

Everyone got a $30 gift card for whatever we overlooked.  (One woman asked Ken if she could please “just have three stalks of celery.”  That wasn’t available, but she got a card.)

Several families did not make it in time, nor make contact, so thanks to Anita Fisher and Theresa Hajer (and one other), the church made deliveries before dinnertime.

Stated Ken, “This was the first time that we did it this way and we learned a few things but more, we helped people have the warmth of tenderly cooked, lovingly offered holiday meals. ‘I was hungry and you fed me, said Jesus. Take, eat, says Jesus. This is my body.'”

Thank you to all the helpers!

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