Humans communicate with God in many different forms. For centuries, humans have used music as a vehicle for the praise of God as well as for asking the blessing of God upon individuals, the community, and the world. Music is also a method by which biblical accounts of people of faith, as well as the stories of the life of Jesus are told. Year after year, in the cycle of the Christian calendar, we recount the stories of our Savior and the importance of those remembrances to our journey of faith. Music is an integral part of that process.

At NHCC, we use a variety of musical forms for these purposes. We stand in the musical tradition of those who have come before us, from the Psalmists to composers as musically diverse as J. S. Bach and John Rutter. Our primary instruments for worship are our wonderful Hook and Hastings pipe organ and the most human of all musical instruments, the voice! Singing, organ playing, and various instruments, including musicians from both within and outside the congregation, all unite to carry both our words to God, and in turn, God’s word to us.

The primary musical organization of our church is the NHCC choir. This group of singers meets on Wednesday evenings throughout the church year. While the primary musical purpose of this group is to enhance worship with appropriate service responses and a choral anthem during the Sunday worship service, it also presents a special concert of choral music each spring. In addition, we share in meaningful times of fellowship throughout the year. Anyone over the age of 16 who is interested in singing and is able to make a regular commitment to the choir is encouraged to contact the director.

Anyone wishing to share their gifts through participation in the music ministry of Newton Highlands Congregational Church in these or other ways, please contact our Music Director, Lynd Matt. We welcome all persons who have a desire to communicate with God through the magnificent gift of music.