Stewardship 2023: Visible, Viable, and Valuable

We Christians are a people of God’s Word. One author says we live by “an alphabet of Grace.”

Stewardship season is the time when Newton Highlands Congregational Church (NHCC) establishes its budget for the next fiscal year. Help us remain visible, viable, and valuable with your pledge on Sunday, May 21, 2023!


Jesus says, “No one lights a lamp and puts it under a basket, but rather on a lamp stand…” Mt. 5:15 Jesus compares us to “a city on a hill,” which cannot be hidden.

Visibility is our Christian call, and it takes volunteer time and financial support.

To improve our visibility we need faithful practices first. Great Christian Education. Joyful music. Sound, progressive, scriptural preaching and teaching. Social media strength, lights, open doors, and windows, and even a leaner, more inviting lawn and garden.  


Viable means “filled with life,” and this comes from God, for example, when Ezekiel wonders, “Can these bones live?” (ch 37: 3) And God says, “I will cause breath (Spirit) to enter you, and you shall live!”  

In John 10: Jesus says “I have come to give you life — abundant life.”

To be viable into the decades ahead, we must plan for more than one year. Our parish life is grounded on God. And God inspires us to share that life and our spirit.

Our Confirmation class, union with new members, outreach to the community, welcoming manner toward visitors and guests, Easter and Pentecost services, and mission projects exemplify our viability.


Both Psalms and 1 Peter call God’s people “More precious than gold.”  (Ps. 19 & 1 Peter 1) Paul calls God’s people “A temple, and the Holy Spirit dwells in (them).” 1 Cor. 3:16.

The members of our church are already valuable in Jesus’ way. So we ask, how can we share our value with our community, our region, and our world? How are we integral to the life of the region, the families of the parish, and the spreading of our abundance?

Key dates

  • Stewardship 2023: May 1 to May 21
  • May 21: Pledge Sunday
  • May 28: Budget Q&A
  • June 4: Annual Meeting

Fast facts

  • NHCC’s budget depends on a pledge, a commitment to give a certain amount of money to the church throughout the church year, from members and friends.
  • Almost all active NHCC members make an annual pledge.
  • To avoid a deficit, pledges need to be above 40 percent of the church budget. The other 60 percent comes from rental income and the endowment (in other words, past pledges and bequests). Expenses next year are expected to rise about 11 percent over last year. Endowment income is keeping up, but rental income is not because the church lost a tenant.
  • For 2024, the church needs a 13 percent increase in pledges to keep the budget deficit at 5 percent. A 20 percent increase in pledge income would cut the projected deficit in half.

How do I pledge?

Pledge online with a recurring donation, or watch for a pledge card in the mail, and mail it or bring it to church on Pledge Sunday (May 21). Either way, your pledge can be an annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly contribution.

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