Bylaws Committee prepares for vote at Annual Meeting

Members of the Newton HIghlands Congregational Church Bylaws Committee, authorized by the church Council in October 2023, continue meeting in preparation for a June 2024 congregational vote.

The committee is discussing a variety of topics, including how to handle membership, stewardship, and oversight of paid staff, and what types and sizes of committees and groups make sense.

Committee members are the Reverend Ken Baily, Sally Brickell (moderator), Rich Bryden (assistant moderator and assistant treasurer), Carol Jensen (former Worship & Spiritual Life Committee member and former moderator), Yumiko Matsuoko (Worship & Spiritual Life Committee member), Kitty Rieske (Mission Committee chair), and Yvette Ruffin (Christian Education Committee member).

Approval of updated bylaws requires a congregational vote.

According to the current church bylaws, “These Bylaws may be amended at any Annual Meeting, or special meeting duly called and held for the purpose, by an affirmative vote of not less than two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting, provided the nature of the proposed amendments shall have been presented in writing and proposed at a previous annual or special meeting.”

The proposed schedule for consideration of the updated bylaws is as follows:

  • Sunday, April 28: Distribute bylaws with proposed amendments to congregation
  • Sunday, May 5: Congregational bylaws discussion
  • Sunday, May 26: Budget Q&A
  • Sunday, June 2: Annual Meeting/Congregational bylaws vote

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