CE: Create an outpouring of love during Lent

There are moments in life that call for extravagance, moments when we must lay aside calculation and caution, and give of ourselves wholeheartedly. We can all be models of such love and devotion. Some things are worth giving all that we have and all that we are.

One ancient Lenten practice is fasting. Some Christians do not eat certain foods, or they choose to not eat every other day during Lent. Instead of eating, they pray to God and give the money they did not spend on food to people who are in need.

Another way to fast is to give up things you do not need–things that are still useful to someone else. Many people have too much stuff–clothes they do not wear, toys they do not play with, and other stuff they collect.

For Lent I decided that I would clean out the stuff in my basement that I could offer to someone else. I dropped off three coats, nine pairs of shoes, seven pairs of snow boots, and twenty-four pairs of sneakers at a local shelter.

Will you join me? Can you fill a box of good, useable items to give away this Lent? When you make a donation, you might take a few moments to pray to God too. 

Here is our schedule for March 2021.

  • March 7: Children’s gathering on Zoom. Join Wendy and Megan for a chat and simple craft. Contact us for the Zoom link.
  • March 14: “Jesus and the Children.” Do you know that you are REALLY important? (Based on Matthew 19:13-15.)
  • March 21: “Zacchaeus.” What would you do if Jesus said that he was coming to your house? (Based on Luke 19:1-10.)
  • March 28: “Jesus Visits Jerusalem.” Palm Sunday. Think of someone you want to celebrate and praise. How would you show that person that you love him or her? (Based on Luke 19:29-40.)

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