CE: Do you have a thankful heart?

Where does true thankfulness come from? Do you know what God wants from us all? God wants us to be intentional about our gratitude and thankful for all the blessings we constantly receive (1 Thessalonians 5:18).

Here is our schedule for November 2021.

  • November 7: Did you know that for the second year, NHCC has been invited to help the Newton Food Pantry with Thanksgiving meals for our neighbors. Under the auspices of our Mission Committee, our challenge is to assemble meals for 10 families – about 40 people? Families can sign up here to donate a portion of a Thanksgiving meal. During church school, we will discuss what our children and youth can offer to meet the needs of our neighbors.
  • November 14: We say thank you all the time, often out of habit, but do we really mean it? If we are not sure then let’s investigate what the Bible tells us. We can start with Matthew 22:37-38.
  • November 21: We are so thankful when we’re able to dig into all that delicious food on Thanksgiving Day. The only problem is that it is gone before we know it. We can be thankful for God’s love – which is sweet and lasts forever.
  • November 28: Advent Sunday, also known as First Sunday in Advent, is the first day of the Advent season during which Christians prepare for the celebration that commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ.

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