CE: Join us for more stories from Jesus

This month we will learn more parables that Jesus told. We will gain a better understanding of things he thought were important.

Jesus wanted people to learn how to make good decisions. He wanted them to know why it is important to help people instead of only helping yourself.  He wanted people to look around and see all the different ways people were living. 

Parables invite us to look at our own lives. Parables give us a chance to think about how we can live the way that Jesus teaches. 

  • February 7: Children’s gathering on Zoom
  • February 14: Two Sons and Their Father
    • Count the people you love. Who else can you love? (Based on Luke 15:11-32)
  • February 21: A woman with Ten Coins
    • Did you ever lose something? (Based on Luke 15:8-10)
  • February 28: The Pearl
    • What do you want most of all? (Based on Matthew 13:45-46)

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