Cover of bulletin with drawings of church from 1872 and 1972

1953-1972: Founders Hall, Weekday Nursery, 100th anniversary

In May of 1953, NHCC dedicated Founders Hall, excavated beneath the sanctuary and finished by the direct effort of the men and women of the church. In 1961 plans were drawn for establishing 10 classrooms in Founders Hall, but not acted upon. The Christmas pageant was started in 1959. Memorial and Teaching windows along the …

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Cover of bulletin for 50th anniversary, June 1922

1922-24: 50th anniversary celebrated, organ replaced

NHCC celebrated its 50th anniversary with several services in June 1922. A few years later, in 1924, the Hayward family donated the current Hook & Hastings organ, and the Parish House was enlarged and re-equipped. The old organ was given to The Episcopal Parish of Saint Paul. Eventually, the organ console was moved to its …

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Cover of bulletin, 25th anniversary, with a drawing of the church

1872-1897: Founding, early years

In his King’s Handbook of Newton (1889), M. F. Sweetser describes the site of the Newton Highlands Congregational Church as “pleasant and commanding…at the intersection of two of the principal streets,” looking “benignantly over the drowsy hamlet.” Erected in 1876, it was important to the community as a place where “the people enjoy their harvest festivals and …

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