NHCC activities resume in September

Back to school. Back to normal. Neither of these are happening quite the way we wish. In fact, September had newfound pressures as at-home parents sought to work and guide education, everyone worked to stay safe even when grocery shopping, and many, many of us had less energy for evening meetings or anything extra in the midst of our pandemic.

On two Sundays in September we saw videos in worship with NHCC adults and children sharing a welcome message and then expressing the theme “Safely Gathered In.”

We also held two wonderful music offerings in the sanctuary, as follows:  

  • An organ concert that included a passage going back and forth from Psalms to hymns
  • A children’s concert, largely piano, including ragtime, Hayden’s Surprise Symphony, Sarasponda, and If You’re Happy and You Know It.  Thanks you to organist Yevgenia Semeina.

Our senior choir had a “safe song party” late in the month, our re-entry team met, and our deacons met.

Watch for an all-church survey in late October.

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