NHCC’s YouTube channel updated

NHCC Worship, the Newton Highlands Congregational Church YouTube channel, has been enhanced with a new banner photo (taken by member Bill Lowery) and a playlist entitled “Musical Selections” where viewers can enjoy some of the music offered by the senior choir, soloists, and musicians.

“How Can I Keep from Singing,” sung by Ted Pales and Amanda Ketchpaw

A chalice watermark has been added; it appears in the bottom right corner of new videos that are added to the channel.

Chalice watermark

Thank you to Misha Hill and Neil Johnson for these upgrades.

Anyone who wishes to do so can watch a livestreamed version of NHCC’s weekly Sunday service on the YouTube channel. This is particularly helpful for people who are away from Newton or who for other reasons do not attend services in person. The livestreamed service is attracting about 10 viewers per week.

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