Organ repairs underway

The NHCC pipe organ is undergoing long-planned restoration as part of a multi-phase, multi-year effort to make repairs that have been deferred for a number of years.

The project will include enlargements and artistic improvements, some of which will be noticed audibly, and some of which will simply be made to keep this highly-technical and complex instrument in good playing condition for the next several decades.

The contractor, Andover Organ Company, has been hampered by the pandemic and resulting supply and labor shortages, but they are now hard at work on a phase that will last until early February 2022. 

One set of pipes has been removed and placed on the backs of the pews on one side of the sanctuary to provide access to another set of pipes; those pipes have been taken to Andover’s workshop. The temporary removal of the pipes leaves an open spot to the left of the altar.

The organ restoration project is being funded by NHCC’s last capital campaign, Celebrate and Serve. Thank you to all who supported this campaign!

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