Re-entry team shares March 2021 update

The re-entry team reconvened on March 31, 2021, to continue assessing the church’s plans in light of current health conditions. Reverend Ken Baily and Director of Christian Education Wendy Donnell shared ideas for several outdoor activities on Easter. The team also discussed the following:

  • Technology has been updated to permit better sound for virtual services and better WiFi outdoors.
  • The custodian has cut back on extra surface cleaning in the church.
  • Faith leaders have a role in combating vaccine hesitancy; posting a story on the NHCC website about Ken and Wendy’s vaccines will provide a positive example.
  • How should NHCC handle questions about vaccine status in the fall?
  • The Worship and Spiritual Life Committee is planning some outdoor services this summer.
  • With a large sanctuary, physical distancing during indoor services in the fall is feasible.

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