Remembering departed loved ones: Please submit names

Each year during All Saints communion we lift up the names of those who have died since last November 1 or so. These may be our members, our extended family, or our dearly beloved.

We have 14 names on our list already, but if you are not sure whether we know your beloved or if you would like to add a name, please contact the Reverend Ken Baily by Thursday, November 4, 2022, when the bulletin is copied.

In addition, worshippers are welcome to lift up additional names on November 6, when we worship together.

2 thoughts on “Remembering departed loved ones: Please submit names

  1. Two persons:

    Luz Montoya, died 10/17/22 at 84; Nina’s cousin in Staten Island
    Dorothy Sellers, died 10/6/22, at 109, of Freeport, Long Island: aunt of Jim’s sister-in-law

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