Sock delivery delights Community Day Center of Waltham

Mission Committee member Anita Fisher delivered a large basket of new socks from the March 2023 sock drive to Community Day Center of Waltham.

In a note of gratitude, Executive Director Carolyn Montalto wrote the following:

“A lovely woman from your church stopped by today to drop off a beautiful basket of socks with some pieces of clothing. I am hoping that you will extend our thanks to whoever led that project. We can always use socks, and we go through so many in a year that this is always a gratefully received gift. Thanks so much to everyone at NHCC.”

1 thought on “Sock delivery delights Community Day Center of Waltham

  1. I am someone that has logged a good many hours in a commercial grade “soup kitchen”.
    While many people think of it as simply “free food”, I, personally, know of the time and effort it takes to provide these meals. The very worst thing that could happen is for a meal, (considering all the cost and efforts), to go to waist.

    I, (now being a person in transition), received some meat sandwiches, (protein is highly sought after), for which I am truly grateful.

    Each sandwich came with a note, “Enjoy your lunch!” & “With love from the children at Newton Highlands Congregation Church”
    And a picture of a bear holding a large heart.

    Without a word of content, they were “mystery sandwiches”, and people were hesitant to take one.
    May I please suggest that you label them, ham, turkey with cheese/ other. Then surly, none will ever go to waste.

    I thank you for your kind efforts and generosity.

    Re: Community Day Center of Waltham

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