Stewardship 2024: The view from our pews

Diane Basemera

May 5, 2024

Sometimes life is full of repetitive patterns, and we tend to lean towards familiarity. I have found the space to observe mindfulness here at Newton Highlands Congregational Church. 

Growing up in Kampala Uganda, I lived in a suburb called Lungujja, about 10-15 minutes away from downtown Kampala. There are two close churches we regularly went to in my early childhood: Namirembe Cathedral and Martyrs Church, Mackay, which was built on the site Alexander MacKay’s original structure in 1878. Mackay taught the first Anglican converts here and translated the Bible into Luganda. There is a brick cave that protected him during King-Kabaka Mwanga’s religious persecutions. As you can imagine, this historic church was more intimate than the cathedral and an easier walk from home.

When we talk about patterns, living in Newton, which is 15 minutes to downtown Boston and discovering NHCC is all so familiar and feels right at home. I learned about the church after serving my friends Joy and Randy, with the sale of their home in Newtonville. They invited me to fellowship, and I was curious. The timing was perfect because I was casually looking for a local church.

Walking into the doors reminded me of the Mackay church, right from the red-carpet to the stained-glass windows, the wooden arcs in the cathedral-style ceiling, and the pews. The organ soothed my spirit and the relaxation I felt confirmed my continued journey to exploring, peace, love, and tranquility. The mission of the church is well aligned to the things I value including creating impact and inspiring all.

I find Reverend Ken’s sermons and sharing intellectually stimulating and inspirational. There is a wholesomeness experienced, where I feel many areas of life are well touched on in a gentle and thoughtful way, allowing me to gracefully digest, learn,and grow spiritually. The choir is traditional and sophisticated, the church members are warm and with a good vibe.

My Real Estate service continues to expose me to different faiths and cultures and the conglomerate experience that includes trust, abundance, joy, and happiness feels safe and comfortable here at NHCC.

Through the shared stories by the members of the church and the generosity of Charles Henry Newhall, I was able to help with the sale of the Parsonage, which was an unexpected opportunity for spiritual growth and understanding the impact of generosity in a mission-based church.

I serve on the Buildings & Grounds Committee with a group of devoted leaders and mentors. Coming to this church brings me back to oneness in mind, body, and spirit, a place of peace and LOVE. NHCC feels like Home. Home is where the heart is! 

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