Things we don’t see are focus of Sunday worship

Ms. Kitty Rieske, Mission Committee chair, encouraged worshippers to join the walk to combat homelessness on Sunday, April 30.

Woman making announcement in front of sanctuary

Children were invited by Ms. Wendy Donnell, director of Christian Education, to travel on the road to Emmaus during the children’s message on Sunday, April 23, 2023. As described in Luke 24: 13-35, the road was a place where two disciples met Jesus, but he did not appear to them in recognizable form until later on, at an evening meal.

The Reverend Ken Baily preached about things that people do not see even right in front of them. He challlenged worshippers to use Easter as a time to “look upon our faith with new eyes.” He suggested listeners take a fresh look at things they think they know well, remove barriers to participation, and see each other as created in God’s image.

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