“Christian Commitments Confront Systemic Bias” program set for fall

Long-time member Randy Ellis will lead a two-part conversation about the origins and impact of racism in our churches, neighborhoods, and economy on Sunday, October 29, and Sunday, November 12, 2023, at 11:15 a.m.

“Christian Commitments Confront Systemic Bias” will be held after worship at Newton Highlands Congregational Church, 54 Lincoln Street, Newton Highlands, MA.

Session 1

Define and talk about five types of racism and how they appear in our lives.

  • Aggressive racism: Illegal acts including violence and intimidation that are mostly what we hear about in the media
  • Overt racism: Offensive racist words, writings, and acts
  • Microaggressions: Possibly inadvertent questions, comments, and actions that wear down people of color
  • Institutional racism: Laws and policies of our governments that suppress minorities
  • Systemic racism: Beliefs, behaviors, and market forces that reinforce existing inequities   

Session 2

Discuss actions, both easy and difficult, that we can take as individuals and as a church to reduce systemic racism and bias.  

Mr. Ellis is a professor of economics at Boston University. He has been studying and reading about racism and systemic bias since 2018. Summer worshippers may recall his sermon “Systemic Bias from a Woke Christian,” from a service he led on July 16, 2023.

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