2017-2022: Capital campaign, Covid-19

The Celebrate and Serve Capital Campaign from 2017-2020 raised about $525,000 in pledges to pay for a major restoration of the organ, among other projects, as well as a 10% charitable commitment.

In June 2018 Weekday Nursery School ceased operations. Its space was leased to Pine Village Preschool, a Spanish immersion daycare and nursery school.

In March 2020, NHCC suspended in-person worship on account of the Covid-19 pandemic. Through the leadership of Misha Hill and Rich Bryden, services were quickly moved online using Zoom. In-person worship (with masks) resumed in June 2021 on a limited basis. In 2020-21 the senior choir made a few recordings to be shown online; they resumed in-person singing in January 2022.

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