CE: Let the children come to church

Children have a special place in the eyes of Jesus and a special place in the church. Often I hear people call the building where we learn about Jesus “the church.” This place is a building. The church is really people, like you and me, who love Jesus. Wherever we go, we’re the church.

When we go home, we’re still the church. When we go to school, a playground, or a friend’s house, we’re still the church. God’s church is not made of bricks, wood, or steel; God’s church is made of people like you and me!

Over the next few months we will strive to renew and rebuild. Our Christian Education Committee will provide a safe and welcoming place for children to learn stories in the Bible. Through consistent, loving care and reliable routines in church, our children will know the reality of God’s love is present. We will find new ways to educate, provide mission opportunities, encourage group building, design new strategies for teaching, and much more.

Here is our schedule for June 2021.

  • June 6: Children are invited to join Wendy and Megan for a chat, activity, and prayer on Zoom during the worship service. Children may sign on at 9:55 a.m., and the session will run until about 10:45 a.m. Join the children’s time.
  • June 13: NHCC will be confirming our church youth this morning! Help us welcome all our confirmands; they officially will become adult members of NHCC. Wendy, Matthew, and Rachel will offer a Zoom segment during worship.
  • June 20: Some of us will be in worship together in a safely distanced way. We will also remain online for those not ready to sit in the church building. Weather permitting, children will gather outside for a fun activity!
  • June 27: Weather permitting, children will be invited outside for an activity.  If it is warm outside, we will fill the pool and play games.

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