CE: Proclaim the good news

Do you remember when Mary Magdalene told the other disciples that she had seen Jesus alive? No one believed her. Jesus then appeared to two of the disciples who did not believe. However, later, while the disciples were eating together, Jesus appeared to them.

Jesus was disappointed in their lack of faith. He commissioned them to “proclaim the good news,” emphasizing the inclusiveness of his loving words. He sent all people “to go into all the world” and preach “to the whole creation.” Then Jesus was taken into Heaven. 

Here is our schedule for May 2021.

  • May 2: “Chat and Pray.” Children are invited to join Wendy and Megan for a chat and prayer on Zoom during the worship service. Children may sign on at 9:55 a.m., and the session will run until about 10:45 a.m. Join the children’s time.
  • May 9: “Mother’s Day Tea.” Mothers are a blessing! All through the years our mothers have loved us, stood by us, raised us, taken care of us, and taught us good things. Let’s honor them and all the other important women in our lives! 
  • May 16: “Sharing God’s Word.” Are you willing to share Jesus’ messages with your friends and family? (John 17:6-19)  
  • May 23: “Pentecost.” How can you live a life that tries to please God? (Acts 2)
  • May 30: “Memorial Day.” Did you know that the Israelites used special stones to remember God’s faithfulness? What are the things God has done for you that you want to remember? (Joshua 4:1-20)  

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