Morning worship: November 21, 2021

Now Thank We All Our God

Prelude Berceuse, Op. 16 by G. Fauré


Call to Worship

*Opening Hymn No. 551 Come, Ye Thankful People Come

*Prayer of Invocation and Gratitude 

O God, be with us now as we gather together to share the blessings and joys of our lives. For you shower us with grace, daily bread and vision. But we have deficits and needs, too: our world does not share enough bread or joy everywhere with everyone. Therefore help us to grow in seeing and giving.

Here in community we celebrate music, prayer and mission: smiles and tears of gratitude. But too many of the tears in our world are those of injury and need. Too many do not have sweet melody in their lives.

So we pray your Holy Spirit will inspire us to see and tend these needs. We pray the Spirit of Jesus will unite us now, and that our assembly may bring light to the darkness, water for the thirsty and hope for the world, in Jesus’ thanksgiving way, Amen.

The Day’s Psalm Psalm 126

The Childrens Time Wendy Donnell

Prayer of Thanks

Children proceed to the Great Hall  (sung, seated; tune: We Gather Together)

God leads us, forgiving, all-loving, sustaining:

You call us, O Savior, to life that is new.

Empowering all with the ways of your Spirit:

O touch us and inspire us with faith that is true.

The Gospel Reading Matthew 6: 25-33

The Morning Meditation Kenneth Baily

Vocal Duet Now Thank We All Our God arr. Richard Walters

Pastoral Prayer/Lord’s Prayer (“Our father and mother… trespasses”)

*Hymn of Departure No. 553 For The Fruit of All Creation

*Assurance and Blessing

Postlude Minuet from L’Arlésienne Suite  No. 2, Op. 23 by G. Bizet

* Those who are able please stand


Today, tomorrow, next Sunday:

Thank you to all who have cooked meals for a dozen families, distributed Monday morning 10 – 12. Please keep anyone food insecure in your prayers, as we do in our action and mission. And, we’re still waiting on word about the arrival of the Afghan refugee family we’re supporting. Any day now. Still seeking to raise another $6,000 to prepare. Next Sunday is the beginning of Advent — four weeks leading to Christmas. Come light a candle in-person on the Sunday of Hope, November 28.

During this time of covid caution we welcome all

to safe, careful congregational assembly.

To protect one another we wear masks

(except for worship leaders while they are speaking/singing)

and note that all of our leaders are vaccinated.

Cleaning has increased and we welcome your questions.

We have a touch-free offering today

That is, you may leave a gift in the basket,

deliver an envelope after worship, send a gift

via email or online, or any touch-free method you wish

Thanks to worship leaders Wendy Donnell, Ken Baily, Christy Liao – organ,

Judith Morrison – flute, and deacons Jeff Small,

Yumiko Matsuoka and Amanda Ketchpaw

NHCC is an Open and Affirming, Still Speaking congregation where all are welcome regardless of the divisions or separations that some in society would impose: whoever you are you are welcome in God’s house. “In Christ we are a new creation,” so we are blessed to be together in Christ’s name.

Newton Highlands Congregational Church, UCC

54 Lincoln Street, Newton, MA 617 527 3898

“O Lord, remember in David’s favor all the hardships he endured…” Ps. 132:1

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