Multifaceted member Peter Moore gets his wings

Peter Moore was honored with a pair of angel wings at the Annual Meeting on Sunday, June 5, 2022. Peter’s family joined NHCC in the early 1940s, when Peter was about two, and he has a treasure trove of memories about the church. He was a member of various NHCC choirs for 20 years, and served on several committees, including Christian Education, Buildings & Grounds, and Mission. He also provides a professional audit of the church’s financial records every year.

Treasurer Jim Harper spoke appreciatively about Peter as he received his wings.

“I’m grateful for Peter’s audit work each year for two reasons: First, his review improves the quality and reliability of my work. It’s always good to have a fresh set of eyes check details. And preparing materials for his review improves my understanding of the numbers.

“Second, an independent review, including confirmation of investment balances for the Endowment, raises the confidence level in NHCC’s financial statements. No church should be without an audit. At my father’s church in Florida, the lack of an audit made it easier for the well-respected treasurer to steal a million dollars from the church over a span of years. I can assure you that’s not my plan, but you don’t need to take my word for it — you can take Peter’s.

“Some people are afraid of auditors. In my short time as a staff auditor for a CPA firm, I heard about a controller who was so anxious about dealing with auditors that during lunch hours he would go to his car to fortify himself with bourbon from a large bottle he kept there. The bourbon would upset his stomach, so he kept a still larger bottle of Pepto Bismol in his desk. But once he dropped that bottle, covering his office floor with pink goo. I’m pleased to say while Peter is thorough, he does not make me afraid or anxious. 

“He is a pleasure to work with.”

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