Reformation Sunday features Martin Luther, blanket blessing

In honor of Reformation Sunday, worshippers on Sunday, October 30, 2022, were treated to an exploration of the contributions made by 16th century German monk Martin Luther to the development of Protestantism.

The Reverend Ken Baily described how the views of Martin Luther and his wife, Katerina von Bora, grew to differ from the teachings of the Roman Catholic church.

The Reverend Baily explained that the idea that “it’s God who makes us worthy” was novel at the time. He spoke about Luther’s doctrine of the priesthood of all believers, which attributed equal rights and duties to laypeople and clergy.

The Reverend Baily also celebrated the fact that NHCC has collected 50 blankets for Welcome Home in October, will provide about 50 Thanksgiving meals for Newton Food Pantry in November, and donates about $50,000 per year to organizations chosen by the Mission Committee.

During the children’s time, he and Director of Christian Education Wendy Donnell engaged children in a blessing for the blankets that have been collected.

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