Renaissance woman Anna McMahan wins election

Multitalented Newton Highlands Congregational Church member Dr. Anna McMahan, who serves on the Christian Education Committee, has been elected to the board of trustees for the Morse Institute Library in a contested town-wide race in Natick covered in Metrowest Daily News. She was sworn in to her new position on Wednesday, March 29, 2023.

“Congratulations to Anna on her victory!” said Buildings & Grounds Committee member and fellow Natick resident Les Barnstone. “I’m hoping she can fix some library fines.” Mr. Barnstone added, “I’m confident that the Natick community will be well represented and well served, and that the stewardship of the library system is in good hands.”

Dr. McMahan is a physician at the Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center (CHC) in Worcester. She has been medical director since 2019. The CHC receives federal grants and provides health care services tailored to the community, which includes a large refugee and immigrant population. Clients receive care regardless of their ability to pay. 

Dr. McMahan lives in Natick with her family.

Swearing in ceremony for Natick elections

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