Stewardship 2024: The view from our pews

Marian Reynolds

May 12, 2024

I love being able to walk to church. I joined the church in my early 50’s right in the middle of my life–not young, not old–ready to join my church family.

I used to think I had to live life on my own, reinventing the wheel every day. Sunday by Sunday I learned I could reach out to people. Now I found my voice and people listened to me and I heard what they were saying to me.

I have been on Deacons and now I am on the Mission Committee–putting my energy and devotion into helping others.

During the week I go through the full range of emotions. On Sunday, I am embraced by my church family–respected  and loved.

I was active with the bread delivery mission for 11 years, driving carloads of unsold bread from Whole Foods to the Pine Street Inn and the Pilgrim Church. I loved the bread run and my bread running partner, May Pothier. Every Tuesday was an adventure as we drove baked goods through Franklin Park to the Reverend Odams’ church.

I have led summer worship many times, playing my gong as postlude. Summer worship has been a soul-rich time as I reflect on what has been going on in my life.

Growing up, my family attended Unitarian services. I enjoyed the singing. I was too immature to appreciate important messages. I did not like going to church.

Today at our church, watching children grow and become Confirmands touches me deeply as I did not have this warm church time growing up.

Music brings me fullness in my heart. Our organist and choir are the best!!

The only time during the week I sing is on Sunday, blending all our voices into one voice.

I have gained self-confidence and have more wisdom than I ever thought possible. I am deeply grateful to the Newton Highlands Congregational Church.

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