Tech team adds upgrades, moves to back of sanctuary

Dedicated techie and attorney Misha Hill has purchased new technology for the sanctuary and moved his operations from center left to back right. He continues to broadcast most Sunday services on YouTube.

According to Misha, “The new purchases are the desk itself, carpentry by David Nauss to modify the pew to accommodate it, and wiring between there, the equipment rack by the organ console, and the balcony.”

NHCC has spent about $13,000 of its budget of $20,000 for sanctuary AV improvements; the money was raised during the church’s last capital campaign. Jim Harper, treasurer, explained that the church spent about $4,000 in FY 21, $8,500 in FY 22 (including the work station), and $800 since July. 

On Sunday, December 11, 2022, Misha trained member Tony Rudié so he, too, can provide tech support. Assistant Moderator Rich Bryden also assists with NHCC technology.

Thank you, Misha and tech team, for bringing NHCC services to a broader audience!

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