Transfiguration Sunday Worship: 27 February 2022

Prelude Allemande from Partita #6 J.S. Bach

Congregational Welcome

Call to Worship

*Opening Hymn (insert) We Have Come at Christ’s Own Bidding

*Prayer of Invocation

One voice: Hear what Paul says to the Corinthians: “Now, our sovereign is Gods Spirit, and where the Spirit of Jesus is, there is freedom. And all of us… are being transformed into the divine image from one degree of glory to another… Therefore, since it is by Gods mercy that we are engaged in this ministry, we do not lost heart.” Let us pray for God’s freedom and for wise hearts, together.

All: We gather today and hear a story of transformation. We read scriptures about freedom and liberation, with dazzling colors powerful images and divine promises for our worship. But not everywhere beyond our worship. Not for everyone across our world. So we pray today at the intersection of blessedness and brokenness. We start where your incarnate Spirit inspires our daily lives. Let this be a time of listening, hearing, loving and commitment, since these are Jesus’ values, and ours in his name. Amen.

The Hebrew Bible Exodus 34: 29-35

The Childrens Time

Children may remain for intergenerational worship ( sung as a round)

Go with us, Jesus, guide the way, *through this and every coming day,

That in your Spirit strong and true, our lives may be our gift to you.

The Gospel Reading Luke 9: 28-36

Choral Anthem I am Bound for the Kingdom arr. Lloyd Larson

The Morning Meditation the Rev. Kenneth F. Baily

Piano Response Melody” Myroslav Skorik**

Prayer and Lord’s Prayer (“Our father and mother, who art… trespasses…”)

*Hymn (insert) This is My Song


Postlude Toccata from Partita #6 J.S. Bach

* Those who are able please stand


** Myroslav Skorik is a noted Ukrainian composer, who earned the titles People’s Artist of Ukraine and Hero of Ukraine; his first name means Glory to Peace.

During this time of covid caution we welcome all to safe, cautious congregational assembly. It is good to worship together. To care for one another we wear masks

(except for worship leaders at times) and our leaders are vaccinated.

We have a touch-free offering today. You may leave a gift in the basket, deliver an envelope after worship, go online, or any touch-free method you wish.

At roughly 11 am, following worship, we gather for an online

Fellowship Time on Zoom. The link is on our website, noted below.

All are welcome; about half an hour.

Thanks to worship leaders Kenneth Baily, Lynd Matt,

Yevgenia Semeina, Joy Huber and Melissa Dietrich

NHCC is an Open and Affirming, Still Speaking congregation where all are welcome regardless of the divisions or separations that some in society would impose: whoever you are you are welcome in God’s house. “In Christ we are a new creation,” so we are blessed to be together in Christ’s name.

Newton Highlands Congregational Church, UCC

54 Lincoln Street, Newton, MA 617 527 3898

“Destruction is always easier than creation.”

— Timothy Snyder

“Luke’s Jesus has a lot of confidence in the disciples… Jesus is but one of the

main characters. There’s also the Holy Spirit, and there’s the church… In the grand story Luke tells, there’s real ground for hope in the world.”

— Liz Goodman

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