Our parsonage is changing—Vote in October

If all goes well on October 17 we’ll vote on what to do with our parsonage at NHCC.

We have an official Congregational Meeting on October 17, 2021, and should have a proposal before us.

Likely we’ll ask, shall we finish the conversion idea or shall we sell the parsonage and move to a new model, including providing a housing allowance instead of housing to pastors?

This is the very brief background: 100 years ago Charles Newhall left NHCC a large property at 39 Forest Street as a bequest. It has been our parsonage or it has been rented since that time.

Over 20 years ago some members suggested rebuilding the carriage house as a second residence, and then seven years ago our congregation created a committee to adapt the main house for senior housing and the “barn” to house the Baily family—Ken as current pastor.

Our Annual Meetings took official votes in 2019 and 2020 to pursue the following simple design:

Convert the main house into three or four units of accessible senior housing, and grant a “leasehold” to the Baily family to rebuild the barn. The City of Newton examined an official proposal in March of 2021, and in September of 2021 we have amended the proposal to include their suggestions and guidance. By mid-October, we should have an official presentation.

Any of the ideas in front of us might work: The senior housing mission or selling the property; another idea is to renovate it for future use or rental, but this is the most expensive.

For seven years several of our members have led this research. They are Ann Hulsing, Mildred Hutchinson, Nyal McDonough, Paul Gilbert, Joy Huber, Hugh Starkey, and Jim Harper. Now decision time is upon us, so if you would like to learn more please contact current chair Joy Huber or Ken Baily in the pastor’s office. Thanks to the bequest we have a wonderful asset either to adapt or celebrate as an asset for generations to come.

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